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Intelligent Meridian Analysis
Dr. Larsen Photo

Welcome to AcuGraph 4!

I’m incredibly excited to finally reveal to you the next revolution in Digital Meridian Imaging--but first please indulge me a brief moment of introspection.

As the original designer of the AcuGraph system, I’ve had a front-row seat to watch AcuGraph develop from its very humble beginnings to become the premiere, market-leading meridian assessment tool that it is today. Little did I know when I started this journey in 2002 just how far it would lead, nor how many lives it would change.

In 2002, AcuGraph featured just one graph type and 2 treatment recommendations. No herbs, no PIE score, no reference section, no screening mode. Indeed, all it could really do was measure points and produce a graph. And yet even that limited ability immediately leapfrogged the market and put AcuGraph solidly in the lead.

Now, 3 versions later, AcuGraph has technology and capabilities I only dreamed of back then. We’ve spent the last 8 years relentlessly improving, researching, and refining the AcuGraph system, and along the way, over 2,000 of you have joined us for the journey.

I’m deeply humbled by the confidence you’ve placed in me, my team, and our products. I’m grateful for the opportunity to touch lives every day through the work you do. Most of all, I thank you for your suggestions, support, and for making this journey possible.

We’ve spent over 2 years preparing AcuGraph 4 to exceed all your expectations and continue making a real difference in your practice and in the lives of your patients. We’re very pleased with the results, and hope you will be too.

And so it is with a mixture of pride, excitement and gratitude, that I welcome you to the next revolution in Intelligent Meridian Analysis. Thank you for being here.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Adrian Larsen

Top 10 New Features
Intelligraph Video
IntelliGraph Intelligent Analysis
IntelliGraph completely changes the state of the art for meridian analysis by using statistical modeling to perfect exam information and reveal true imbalances, while eliminating the false positives that may otherwise appear. This method builds on and improves Dr. Nakatani’s original staggered-scale compensation method, resulting in the most accurate meridian assessments ever available.
Single Point Video
EAV-Style Single Point Exam
Lets you test and re-test any acupoint response to any stimulus you choose. Now you can test treatment effects in real time.
Dietary Video
AcuGraph Now Includes Dietary Recommendations
Whenever they are applicable to the current exam. Now you have one more way to help patients achieve better balance—by eating the right foods!
Historical Trending Video
Historical Trending
Want to know if your patient is improving? Does your patient want to know? Historical Trending shows aggregate results of up to 12 previous exams and the trend in PIE scores and 5 elements balance. With a single click you can now visually demonstrate your patient’s progress throughout the course of treatment.
Picture Video
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
All-new Meridian illustrations show the body location of any imbalanced channel—helping your patient instantly see the areas that may be affected by any imbalance. Simply click on any graph bar to illustrate the imbalance.
Email Video
We’ve added the ability to e-mail reports directly from AcuGraph without the need to first create a PDF. You’ll love the convenience and cost savings of going paperless! Of course, you can still print full-featured paper reports anytime you want.
Prescription Video
Prescription Index
Gives acupuncture prescriptions for common conditions and diseases. Quickly look up the most recommended points for any listed condition!
Spinal Video
Spinal Correlation
The all-new Spinal Correlation window demonstrates areas of most likely spinal dysfunction, together with likely muscle associations. Whether you’re working with Tuina, Chiropractic, or massage, you’ll know where to start.
Treatment Effects Video
Treatment Point Effects
Want to see how any treatment point will affect the graph? Simply roll your mouse over the point to instantly highlight the meridian or meridians it will affect. This is a great tool for study or patient education.
Expert Treatment Video
Expert Treatment Mode
The new Expert treatment mode goes beyond basic and 5-elements treatment to a whole new level of effectiveness. This model considers patient history, types and severity of imbalances, and treatment type comparison before recommending a complete treatment regimen including points, herbs, auricular, custom applications and home care. It’s like having a Ryodoraku expert standing next to you, helping choose the best treatment for any graph.
Other New Features
Notes Icon
Enhanced Notes System
Customizable note templates, pre-exam notes, and stand-alone notes.
Records Icon
Records Tab
It's even easier to organize and use your patient data.
Training Icon
Training Mode
Gets you up to speed fast by providing precise point location prior to testing each point.
Export Icon
Export Feature
You can now export your data to another program for analysis or study. Want to use AcuGraph for a research project? Here’s your key.
Printed Reports Icon
Printed Reports...
Now offer a cover page that explains the general approach to the findings.
Custom Report Icon
Custom Report Cover Page
Do your printed reports need a custom report cover page for your practice? No problem. You can now include any customized cover page you wish to create.
Print Preset Icon
Print Presets
The new customizable print preset feature lets you customize and save printed report configurations for re-use. For example, design one report style for screening events, another for new patients, and another for follow-up visits, and instantly choose the most appropriate report for the situation.
Batch Icon
Batch Printing
You can now batch-print multiple records for any patient. Need to print a patient’s entire history? No problem.
Flip Icon
Reference Picture Flip
All reference pictures now include right and left sides, and can be flipped back and forth with a single click.
Backup Icon
Additional Back-Up Options
You can now back up your AcuGraph system to more than one location simultaneously. For ultimate security, you can automatically back up to the Miridia secure server and your own removable media at the same time.
Compare Icon
Unlimited Compare
You can now compare an unlimited number of graphs in a scrolling window to look at your patient’s complete history from start to finish. Look at 1, 2, 5, even 50 graphs in the scrolling window.
Usability Improvements
Exam Icon
Your Favorite Exam Type
AcuGraph remembers your preferred measurement method without the need to set a default preference.
Sound Icon
Better Sound Control
Independently control probe volume and speech volume right on the exam screen.
Patient Icon
Improved Patient Search
feature makes it even faster and easier to find a patient in your database, whether you’re searching by first name, last name or both.
Reports Icon
Printed Reports
Now have much higher image and print quality.
Ryodoraku Icon
Ryodoraku Graph
The Ryodoraku graph now has uniform meridian abbreviations, rather than the old Japanese designations, making it easier to interpret and use.
Yin/Yang Icon
Improved Yin/Yang Graph
The Yin/Yang graph now organizes the channels by their energetic families for easier reference.
Point Icon
Point Information
We’ve fully updated and improved point information for every acupuncture point in the reference section. We’ve even added the extra (non-meridian) points so you’ll have a comprehensive reference just a click away.
PIE Icon
Improved PIE Score Algorithm
Using statistical analysis of over 100,000 exams, we’ve refined and improved the PIE scoring method for even greater accuracy than before. The PIE score is now, more than ever, the absolute best way to convey to your patient how well they are progressing.
Auricular Icon
New Auricular Pictures
We’ve replaced AcuGraph’s auricular pictures and charts with high-quality illustrations from our new Auriculo software. These are easily the best computer auricular illustrations ever made.
Sound Icon
Pleasant Sound
We’ve improved the tones made by the probe controller unit to be more, well, pleasant.
Treatment Icon
Treatment Point Advance
You can now advance to the next or previous treatment point illustration with keyboard arrows or mouse clicks.
Active Icon
Keep Your Patient Active
The Patients tab now remembers the last patient accessed so you won’t have to re-look up your patient just because you left the graph window.
Registration Icon
New, Simplified Serial Number
Registration system makes it easier to register and unlock your AcuGraph system.
Divergent Channels Icon
Divergent Channels
The Divergent Channels treatment style is now available for all exam types, rather than being limited to Jing-well.
Patient Education Improvements
Patient Icon
Expanded Information Graph
We’ve expanded and improved the printed information with each graph to be more readable and user friendly than ever before.
PIE Icon
Improved PIE Chart
Now includes a scale so patients can immediately tell the meaning of their PIE score.
Graph Icon
Graph Explanations
Each graph type now includes an explanation of what is included and how to interpret the graph. Not sure what you’re looking at or what it means? Just a click will show you!
Page Icon
Page Numbers!
Yes, we’ve added page numbers to the printed reports. Just one more little detail to make your life easier.
Jing-Well Icon
The Jing-Well Chart...
May now be printed as a stand-alone handout directly from the reference tab.
Reference Icon
More Reference Information
We’ve expanded and enhanced the reference section information and made it even easier to find. You’ll find nearly anything you need to know about acupuncture points or channels just a click away.
Reference Printing Icon
Improved Reference Printing
We’ve improved the quality of prints from the reference tab to give you the high quality you expect from today’s advanced color printers.
Auricular Icon
New Auricular Charts
We’ve added new auricular charts to the reference section.
Herbal Icon
Herbal Printing Improvement
When you prescribe an herbal formula from AcuHerb, AcuGraph can automatically print a new, improved instruction sheet with complete information and instructions for the patient.
Hand Foot Icon
Hand and Foot Graph
The Baseline graph now has upper and lower meridians marked so you can more easily differentiate between upper and lower body meridians.
Name Icon
Patient Name Display
The current patient’s name now displays on treatment points for each graph. This helps you make sure you are looking at the correct treatment, and assures your patient that the treatment was tailored especially for them.
Interface Improvements
Facelift Icon
Facelift and Makeover
We’ve improved and modernized all aspects of the AcuGraph interface for a more intuitive, easier and more modern experience. Frankly, it feels friendlier as well.
Explinations Icon
Improved Explanations
When AcuGraph has a question or needs you to make a choice, we’ve improved the dialogue and explanations that you’ll see—thus making your experience less confusing and more enjoyable.
Last Graph Icon
“View Last Graph” Button
Gets you to the patient’s last graph with a single click. This saves you multiple mouse clicks to get you to the place you’ll go more often than anywhere else.
Sort Icon
Sticky Sort Method
When you sort your patient list, the system will remember the sort method you used so you can get to the same place again quickly.
Icons Icon
We’ve converted all buttons and tabs to icons for better looks, easier use and faster location.
System Requirements

We have kept the system requirements for AcuGraph 4 the same as the previous version. For proper operation of your AcuGraph system, your computer should meet the following minimum specifications:



Internet Features

Certain features of AcuGraph 4 require internet access for operation. These features include Secure Backup, AcuHerb ordering, and Emailing reports. If you do not have internet access, the remaining features of AcuGraph will function normally.

Upgrade Summary

Refined by over 8 years of continuous development, AcuGraph 4 is the most advanced, intelligent and powerful meridian analysis system available anywhere in the world. More than ever before, AcuGraph is the perfect tool to help you: